Child Custody

A caring, qualified trial attorney that is also an experienced child custody lawyer is crucial if, after the divorce, the other party attempts to change the agreed to arrangement. The actual divorce itself is just the first of many legal issues that must be addressed in many family law cases.

Child custody schedules can often be some of the most challenging issues when it comes to a divorce. Hiring a qualified and knowledgeable trial attorney can help you fully exercise your parental rights to your child.

Legal family issues relating to children, including custody and visitation rights, can sometimes impact the family in a negative way if not dealt with delicately and properly. At Argos Legal Group, we are dedicated to fighting for the best interests of all the children involved, while also never losing sight of the needs of our client and the family.

South Shore trial attorney child custody lawyer attorney Duxbury Hingham Scituate MA trial attorney Trial Attorney South Shore child custody lawyer Duxbury Hingham Scituate MA 300x200Every individual state will usually have different laws relating to legal family matters. The lawyer you choose must be knowledge about all the different procedures, while also making sure that the paperwork is presented in a manner that abides with the specific law of that state. This will ensure that your case is properly heard and addressed.

The right child custody lawyer can help separated and soon-to-be divorced parents in serving the best interests of their children, by determining the most appropriate child time sharing arrangement. At Argos Legal Group, we listen to our clients and take the positive steps to ensure we work out a schedule that best suits your needs and goals as a parent.

Most family court battles involve very high stakes and can be very overwhelming. The process of a child custody matter can be challenging and stressful, especially when you are not completely sure what you are up against. If you are a person who doesn’t know much about the law and are on your own, you will most likely lose the case.

Life can sometimes change in an instant. If that time comes, parenting arrangements may have to change right along with it. The trial attorney team of Argos Legal Group has established a solid reputation through years of success in guiding parents through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Take the first step today and talk with our child custody lawyer!

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