Tenant Rights

Whether a lease or a tenancy-at-will, you, as a tenant have many rights but also responsibilities to follow. When it comes to what a landlord must provide and how you can react in certain situations, the law can get blurry. If you ever find yourself in that situation, your best course of action is to seek knowledgeable counsel. 

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant depends on whether the tenancy is based on a lease or is an at-will tenancy. Either way there are protections the state affords renters and you should be aware of your rights. Many tenant issues that are covered by state laws may seem straightforward but there can be subtle nuances that can change the outcome of a dispute.

Core responsibilities for a tenant include paying your rent on time, following the rules agreed upon with the landlord and accepting responsibility for any damage outside of normal wear and tear that may have occurred during occupancy. Reading and understanding your agreement will go a long way to avoiding problems.

Eviction notice

Typically, a landlord must arrange with the tenant in advance to enter the apartment to make repairs, to inspect the condition of the apartment, or to show the apartment to prospective tenants, buyers, or real estate agents. However, the landlord may enter an apartment without a tenant’s approval if there is a mechanical/repair emergency that has the potential to damage the whole building, or if it appears that the tenant has abandoned the apartment. If this situation arises, it might be time to contact an attorney well versed in this law.

When the tenancy ends, the landlord must return the security deposit, plus interest, within 30 days. However, the landlord may keep any unpaid rent or the amount of money needed to repair damage done to the apartment (beyond normal wear and tear). A good lawyer can be crucial when it comes to ensuring your receive the money owed. 

Generally, a landlord cannot take possession of the rental property, physically remove the tenant or their personal property, or change the locks without going through a court. If you are experiencing any of these issues as a tenant, the tenant rights knowledgeable staff at Argos Legal Group can help you achieve a fair resolution. 


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