Property Disputes

Property disputes can get real ugly, real fast. Disagreements regarding where the property line exists among neighbors have been going on forever. Instead of getting into a verbal or possible physical altercation over a property dispute, contact The Argos Legal Group to help you determine your best course of action.

There are many types of property disputes that the Argos Legal Group can assist with. Some of the most common involve fence and boundary (or property line) disputes. These include but are limited to disputes between neighbors, landlords and tenants, homeowners associations, government bodies, trespassers, family members and property visitors. 

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Is your neighbor complaining about your trees, fence or shrubs blocking their view? We can help. Does your landlord claim that you are responsible for damage to their property? Give us a call. Did you purchase a new construction home and have been arguing with the developer over who is responsible for home repairs? The Argos Legal Group can help you resolve these matters and many more.

Whether the issue arises from something someone else claims you did to their property or due to property damage caused to yours by others, proper representation is the best way to resolve these property dispute cases.

These cases can result from neighbor disagreements over small dollar items or can involve local governments related to utility easements or insurance company claims against homeowners responsible for an alleged injury seeking large settlements.

You have enough things to worry about when a property dispute arises. Let an experienced property dispute attorney take care of the legal work for you. The team at Argos Legal Group has vast knowledge when it comes to the ins and outs of property law. Avoid the pitfalls that often follow property disputes and schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers today!


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