If your financial or parenting situation has changed, it might be time to seek a modification. Courts recognize that circumstances arise that can result in a financial hardship or a job change that requires you to move out of state. When these situations occur it is best to be represented by knowledgable attorneys who can work with you to get your legal obligations modified.

There are many valid reasons to seek a modification of a court order. Situations and circumstances change and the law allows for you to seek a remedy to those changing situations. At Argos Legal Group, our attorneys will work with you to ensure your modification request is well prepared to put you in the best position for success. 

A request for modification is essentially a lawsuit against the other parent or ex-spouse and has to be filed with the courts. It is important to note that modification is not just for the custodial parent but also the non-custodial parent can as well. Whoever files for the modification must show there has been a substantial change to their situation. 

Modification - family courtCourts realize that sometimes agreements regarding divorce or custody need to be altered. Financial situations change (increase or decrease in income), people have to move to another state for work or you might want to have more time with your child. Whatever the reason, you will need to get court approval in order to modify the courts original order. 

When it comes to the modification of support, custody or visitation orders, the modification process should only be used when a significant event has occurred that will have a major impact on the children. The entire process of seeking to modify a support, visitation or custody agreement is to make sure the children’s rights and best interests are protected.

While some might be tempted to file for a modification themselves, one should remember that issues having to do with custody and parenting can be complicated and are often emotionally charged. Let an experienced modification attorney take care of the legal work for you. The team at Argos Legal Group has represented people who are not receiving what the other spouse agreed to pay, and we can help spouses with modifications if they are unable to pay, which resulted in the non-compliance of a court order.

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