Landlord and Tenant Rights

Landlord and tenant rights attorneys can play a critical role regarding whether someone keeps a roof over their head or someone has to pay for property damage due to a dispute. There are many laws governing these situations and the impact can be devastating.  Know your rights and choose the right counsel when facing these challenges.

While determining right and wrong when dealing with a landlord/tenant dispute may seem cut and dry, these matters require a lawyer who not only fully understands tenant and landlord law, but one who also understands the many moving parts that can complicate it. At Argos Legal Group, we help clients better understand their rights, while offering unrivaled guidance through every aspect of their case (whether it goes before a judge or not).

Lease and Keys

Tenant and landlord law statutes, codes and responsibilities will vary from state to state (and even town to town). These laws are designed to safeguard the individuals on both sides from harm. While court may seem like the only option, the ability to mediate can sometimes be just as effective and result in a fair outcome.

Legal situations revolving around tenant/landlord and/or property disputes can be one of the most arduous times one can face. Not to mention the potential financial costs that can be associated depending on the final decision. No one wants to be kicked out of their apartment or see the many years of hard work destroyed by an unruly tenant who causes major damage to someones property. Know your rights and what you are getting into before you sign a lease or tenant-at-will agreement. The best time to get ahead of potential problems is to know what you are signing before you sign the document. 

Whether you are looking to rent your first house or apartment or are looking to have your rental agreements reviewed, the right tenant/landlord law firm can better position you to avoid the pitfalls of renting. We understand how important this situation is and that it is more than just a signature on a lease document. At Argos Legal Group, we pride ourselves on helping our clients understand their rights and responsibilities before they sign on the dotted line. Take the first step with a Landlord and Tenant law attorney that will treat you and your situation with the integrity and dedication you deserve!

Landlord Rights

If you are dealing with a landlord rights issue, you may be somewhat tempted to save money and try to handle the matter yourself. A landlord rights attorney can mean the difference between winning and losing your case. Do not take that chance.

Tenant Rights

A qualified tenant rights attorney that is also experienced with  landlord rights cases can make all the difference in the world relative to your chances of success. While it might seem black and white, there are many gray areas to this law and you should be well represented.

Property Disputes

Property Disputes arise between two parties over land (property) or damage to it. This can be a tricky area of the law where both sides can feel as though they are the injured party. Without proper resolution, these matters can go on for years and result in more damage and loss than if they are addressed when they arise.

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