Discharge Recharacterization

If there is an error in your military personnel records, or if you have received an unfair characterization of service, there is a discharge recharacterization process available for you to get your records corrected. Having an effective veteran attorney by your side during this complex and frustrating process can put you in a position to win.

In the Military, the reality is that inaccurate information can find its way into the official record of service members. These less-than-honorable discharges can socially and professionally haunt you for life. At Argos Legal Group, we relentlessly fight for you to ensure that your records state only the truth about your service to our country.

A Military record tells a story about a service members sacrifices for our nation. Though most of the time it’s a good story, sometimes that tale isn’t. Service members often find themselves out of the military with something less than an honorable discharge, and face a future with diminished job prospects or denied VA benefits.

Certificate of Release or Discharge - discharge recharacterizationWhat is a discharge recharacterization and why might you want one? The discharge recharacterization process is for veterans who have an Other-than-Honorable, Uncharacterized, or Bad-Conduct discharge that was not received by a General Court Martial. Veterans may want their discharge changed even if they still remain eligible for many VA benefits, because they feel it dishonors the service they have provided to our country. Known as one of the most respected advocates in the field of Veteran’s law in the area, Argos Legal Group can help you lessen the stigma.

There are several situations, recognized by all branches, that if you can show your discharge was connected to one of them, you have a chance at successfully achieving a discharge upgrade. Let us advocated on your behalf regarding your request reclassification or recharacterization of your discharge.

Sample DD214 - Discharge RecharacterizationIf your Military record unjustly states a less than honorable discharge, you’re probably hurting, frustrated, and confused. A recharacterization 

of discharge by a Board for Correction of Military Records is available for this reason. With the help of a dedicated attorney, you can attack the inaccurate information and permanently remove it from the official record via a discharge recharacterization.

If you’re a Veteran struggling with injustice on your records, you don’t have to fight on your own. With a Marine Corps background and success in dealing with Veterans legal matters, the dedicated and compassionate team of Argos Legal Group is here to help with your discharge recharacterization. Take the first step with a free consultation today.


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