Contempt of a court order is a serious matter that requires sound legal representation. Let us help you gather the facts and evidence needed to achieve the resolution your situation deserves. Our experienced attorneys are here to help.

Contempt actions occur based on there being an enforceable court order (temporary or final judgement). If a judge has signed an order and there is evidence that one or more parties have violated that order, then enforcement actions can be taken because that party is considered to be in contempt of court. There are a variety of actions that can be taken to force compliance.

gavelSome common types of orders where contempt charges are brought include custody arrangements, child support, alimony and failure to reimburse a parent for child related costs. If your former spouse or child’s parent is not abiding by a judge’s order, we can help you understand your legal options to gain compliance.

Should this situation arise, the staff at Argos Legal Group can help you ensure compliance or seek compensation for any damages caused by the failure to comply with the court order. These damages can include attorneys fees. Enforcement options include a court order for immediate payment, wage garnishment or even tax refund withholding. 

The Argos Legal Group also defends clients who have been targeted in enforcement actions. There can be many reasons that would constitute good cause for not complying with an order or judgment. Some reasons include loss of a job, medical conditions or some other emergency that has occurred. 

If you are involved in contempt proceedings, you will need good counsel to ensure your legal interests are well represented and protected. These cases require evidence to support the claims of a violation. The team at Argos Legal Group has many years of experience dealing with these matters and will help you seek a fair resolution. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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