When going through a divorce, one of the most difficult situations can be determining alimony. Finding the right alimony lawyer can set your mind at ease and get you the results you deserve. The laws have changed and we have years of experience dealing with alimony cases. Don’t go it alone, give us a call today.

Alimony is commonly known as spousal support and can be a highly contentious area in divorce proceedings. Alimony is not available (or sought) in all cases, but is available in situations where one spouse needs support following divorce and the other spouse has the ability to pay it.

In September 2011, The Alimony Reform Act that was passed and became law on March 1, 2012. How the courts calculate and set spousal support was significantly changed and the new law applies to all alimony judgments entered on or after March 1, 2012.

The new law provides more guidance to judges in awarding alimony and certainty to parties going through divorce. There are four general types of alimony: General-term alimony, Rehabilitative alimony, Reimbursement alimony, and Transitional alimony.

Under the new law, one primary factor for calculating the terms of the alimony agreement is the length of the marriage. As a general guideline:

Length of Marriage     –      Duration of Award

  • Less than five years     –      No greater than 50 percent of the length of the marriage
  • Between five and 10 years     –      No greater than 60 percent of the length of the marriage
  • Between 10 and 15 years     –      No greater than 70 percent of the length of the marriage
  • Between 15 and 20 years     –      No greater than 80 percent of the length of the marriage
  • Over 20 years     –      Can be ordered for an indefinite length of time

Other factors can affect the amount or length of alimony, including remarriage or cohabitation of an alimony recipient. Having an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney on your side can make a difference in both the amount and duration of any alimony award in your case. The team at Argos Legal Group has vast experience working on alimony cases. Schedule an appointment today to speak with one of our knowledgeable alimony lawyers!

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