About Us

Who We Are

EACH DAY we find ourselves in familiar places doing ordinary things. We head to work. Walk the dog. Visit our family, and go out with friends.

AS WE GO ABOUT OUR BUSY LIVES what can escape our notice are the instances that create pause, anxiety and frustration. The “what if’s”, the “wrong place, wrong time”, and the “one in a million”.

AND WHEN THOSE INSTANCES HAPPEN, the first thought is filled with elements of panic from not only the incident but also the unknown: how will this affect the life of my family, our future and our finances. The first thought is generally not who will have my back, who will help, who will stand up for me. But it can be…

WE ARE ARGOS LEGAL GROUP, advocates for working-class citizens priced out of the legal market. Our broad resources and expertise enable us to represent clients in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. We offer innovative, flexible, and unique payment plans to accommodate our clients’ individual and specific needs, easing the pressure on your finances.

WE ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS who feel deep admiration and respect for your time, and empathy for your place in life.

WE ARE YOUR PARTNERS who work day and night to be sure the end result favors you and your family, and eases the tension set on your shoulders.



Integrity. Respect. Results.